Your Custom Home & What you Need to Know about Building it!

Starting the process of building your own custom home, and selecting a custom home builder, can be an exciting experience. However, it can also be a time-consuming and intimidating process for many who are ill-prepared. We want you to be well prepared for the custom home building process so that the road to your custom-built dream home is as smooth as possible. 

So what are the most important parts of building a custom home that you should know before starting the process? We are here to tell you our best tips.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Everyone has a dream home, but is it the dream home you can afford? Be sure when designing the custom home that you are running through your budget to ensure that you can actually afford the home that you are wanting to custom build. You’ll need to take into account things like the land, taxes, design fees, construction, and landscaping. It is important to also keep around 10% of your construction budget for unexpected expenses that may arise. 

Have a Plan in Mind

Some people already have building plans available when they come to their chosen custom home builder. However, if you do not already have that, some builders are able to help you plan and design your custom home. If you know what you are wanting in your home, that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

This also is helpful when it comes to making decisions about fixtures, flooring, appliances, etc. The timeline of a custom home is always something that is subject to change due to weather and other factors that may be unable to be helped. However, the average build time for a custom home in Dallas ranges from as short as a few months and as long as a few years. 

Look to The Future

Having a custom home is an amazing way of having a home that is built just for you and your family. However, is this home going to be your forever home? That is something you should think about during your design process. Over-customizations can make reselling in the future more difficult. Also, if you are putting too many upgrades in your home you may end up overpricing it for your neighborhood. 

Research Your Custom Home Builder 

There are so many home builders out there, but you want to make sure that the one that is building your home is a great fit for you. It is important when building your custom home that comes out exactly how you want and is done with quality workmanship. Be sure to research your home builder, ask for referrals, and photos of prior work. 

Designing a custom home is a wonderful way to have a home that meets every need you could possibly have in a home. Atlas Custom Builders is here to help guide you through the custom home building process every step of the way. Give us a call at 972-843-9893. We can help you plan, design, and construct your dream home today.