4 Ways to Stay Organized When Building a Custom Home

Building a custom house is an adventure filled with joy, anticipation, and paperwork… lots of it! Designing the layout of your home, picking the color scheme, and choosing the chandelier you want for your dining room may be the epiphany of excitement for you, but have you given thought to the less thrilling aspects? There … Read more

Common Questions we get at Atlas Custom Builders

Our business is building beautiful homes, where families will make memories for years to come–and that’s something truly special! There’s no doubt about it – building your own custom home is an exciting process. However, there are plenty of questions you might have before starting the project. In this blog post, learn the top four … Read more

10 Life-Changing Dallas Custom Home Upgrades

Have you been flipping past home-improvement shows and been in awe of the custom home upgrades that grace the homes that are being built or remodeled? Starting your dream list of custom home upgrades that you could add to your home one day? 

Everyone dreams of making improvements to their home that will indeed be life-changing. And some can do that for you. But which ones are worth taking the financial and all-important time plunge? We are here to give you our list of the top 10 life-changing Dallas custom home upgrades. 

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Best Custom Home Features

The 9 Best Custom Built Home Features in Health, TX for Entertaining Out of Town Guests  Entertaining at home can require a lot of planning. Even for those who look forward to it, it can quickly become a lot of work. A house that, by design, supports entertainment can help ease the stress of entertaining … Read more

13 Features Your Rockwell Party-Ready Kitchen Needs

When cooking up a new custom kitchen in Rockwall, TX, the layout is, of course, the key to making a fun and functional space. But there are so many things to consider when designing your dream kitchen from scratch it can be hard to know where to start?  Crafting up a well-designed kitchen starts with … Read more

9 Features Every Modern Heath Farmhouse Needs

What’s better than a traditional Heath Farmhouse? A Modern Heath Farmhouse. Here are the 9 custom home features every modern farmhouse MUST have! Search “Farmhouse Style Ideas” on Pinterest. From homey and quaint to even shabby and kitschy, you’ll find a variety of images. However, when done correctly, the farmhouse aesthetic can be far more … Read more

6 Backyard Features for a Premier Custom Home

The perfect real estate property within the Dallas / Fort Worth area comes with a long wish list. When you think of a home in central Texas, what comes to mind? For us, it’s an ideal backyard to enjoy sunny days with family and friends.  With this scratch-built list of 6 Backyard Features for Premier … Read more

7 Must Have Pool Features to Beat the Texas Heat

A good way to beat the Texas summer heat is by jumping in the pool. A BETTER way to beat the heat is by swimming in a beautifully designed pool located right in your backyard.  We’re seeing an increase in homeowners who bring resort expectations home and bring their dreams of turning their backyard pools … Read more

Your Custom Home: The Benefits

So you’ve decided it is time to buy a new home, congrats! However, now comes the time where you have to decide which home option to choose from. If you are in the market for a new home in Dallas, you have several options, you could buy a pre-built home, maybe a condo, or build … Read more

Your Custom Home & What you Need to Know about Building it!

Custom Homes Dallas

Starting the process of building your own custom home, and selecting a custom home builder, can be an exciting experience. However, it can also be a time-consuming and intimidating process for many who are ill-prepared. We want you to be well prepared for the custom home building process so that the road to your custom-built … Read more