9 Features Every Modern Heath Farmhouse Needs

What’s better than a traditional Heath Farmhouse? A Modern Heath Farmhouse. Here are the 9 custom home features every modern farmhouse MUST have!

Search “Farmhouse Style Ideas” on Pinterest. From homey and quaint to even shabby and kitschy, you’ll find a variety of images. However, when done correctly, the farmhouse aesthetic can be far more exciting, modern, and indulgent with the right luxurious touches that still, in spirit, hold to the feeling we love about the idyllic luxurious Heath farmhouse life.

It is critical to consider balance when including elements of the Heath farmhouse aesthetic to avoid entering cheesy territory with your home. This list provides ways to incorporate beautiful finishes into every corner of your home reminiscent of the Modern Heath farmhouse while sidestepping American Gothic territory.  

#1 Exposed Beams

If you’re building your dream lux-styled farmhouse from scratch, you’ll want to incorporate one of the biggest home trends. Unfinished wood ceiling beams contrast beautifully against more modern decor and high-end kitchens. But, in unexpected places like the master bedroom, they are also used for a more natural modern take. 

#2 Exposed Stone

Bring the stark, minimalist nature of exposed stone within the home to reminiscent of rural life. Paired with modern lighting, the texture can be drawn out in exciting ways – like in the backsplash of a kitchen or as an accent wall in the dining hall. 

Find unique blends of old and new ways to mix contemporary and classic elements in an eclectic yet cohesive way by adding antique barn furniture with modern decor accents. 

#3 Glass Cabinets

Add fresh southern charm with built-in glass door cabinets! Adding a sense of airiness, farm-styled storage can offer open shelving and a tidy appearance to your custom home. Use the spacious cupboard to store beautiful glassware or indoor plants.

#4 Barn Doors

Whether it be reclaimed wood or reused doors, barn doors are a ‘must have’ for any rustic-style home. Both practical and stunning, barn doors quickly draw interest and easily divide spaces. 

To elevate this reliable feature, use modern metals like brushed gold and a contemporary design. Not every wooden feature needs to be unfinished! An eye-catching color accentuates the creation of the barn door. 

#5 Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

An airy, light-filled bathroom is a nod to the relaxing open spaces in rural farming areas. Bathrooms can be kept minimal with simple, straightforward fixtures and sinks. 

Pairing white marble counters with beautiful dark-wooded vanity drawers can quickly bring farmhouse vibes to the restroom. 

#6 Steel Framed Showers

Steel framed showers are a contemporary element that fits in well with the farmhouse look. Paired it with white tile or marble to amp up the opulence. 

#7 Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher Block countertops may require some upkeep, but that pays off with beautiful aging! As a simple way to bring visual texture and warmth to a modern kitchen, butcher blocks are a high-quality selection that will become a favorite kitchen feature for years to come. 

#8 Butler’s Pantry

The inclusion of a butler’s pantry is far from quaint. However, the addition of usable space for preparing food or storing countertop kitchen appliances cannot be overstated. Visual clutter can take away from the relaxed atmosphere desired in your farmhouse kitchen. The benefit of a butler’s pantry is that you can easily store and prepare foods then shut the door when entertaining.  

#9 Lux Banisters

Old farmhouse banisters can appear bulky and heavy with heavy thick wooden handrails, balusters, and newel posts. In a luxurious modern farmhouse, this can be easily remedied without sacrificing the authentic feel. By replacing wooden balusters with iron, We can keep the other wooden elements for a compelling contrast of wood and iron.

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With many variations of the farmhouse look, we hope this list has helped make it easier for you when planning out your farmhouse home. Whether it’s adding natural stone or boosting the aesthetic with barn doors, we’re here to help you plan every last detail. 

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