7 Must Have Pool Features to Beat the Texas Heat

A good way to beat the Texas summer heat is by jumping in the pool. A BETTER way to beat the heat is by swimming in a beautifully designed pool located right in your backyard. 

We’re seeing an increase in homeowners who bring resort expectations home and bring their dreams of turning their backyard pools into much more entertaining and relaxing spaces. Some homeowners in Dallas, Texas, know precisely what they want, but some are taking consideration as to what they’ll need for their guests to settle into a safe and comforting spot for the summer. 

At Atlas Custom Builders, we encourage our clients to dream big, and this summer, we’re sparking some inspiration in this blog. 

You’ll find a list of what can be incorporated into a new pool construction spot or added to your existing pool as an upgrade. 

Intriguing, Must-have Pool Features

#1: Swim-up bar

Make the pool experience more enjoyable by integrating your pool with easily accessible refreshments by adding a swim-up bar. Rising in popularity, clients love adding this feature for more private sessions after people have experienced them at tropical resorts, like Mexico. 

Pro-Tip: Position your cook center near the pool for optimal space-saving! Don’t forget to tip the chef. 

#2: Just the right lighting

Add underwater LED pool lighting to make backyard pools beautiful at night. Choose cool blues and greens to promote relaxation vibes all throughout the evening! 

#3: Creative upcycled fountains

Get creative by adding an upcycled fountain. Not only is this an eco-friendly way to incorporate art into your backyard pool, but it will dramatically showcase your personality and style! Add fiber-optic floodlights to make it shine!

#4: Natural rock features

Increasing in popularity, natural stone walls can be added for decorative or functional purposes, like seating. Create an ambiance of a spa by placing tiki torches around its periphery. 

#5: Jump off the deep end

You don’t have to compromise your aesthetically pleasing pool with the children’s wishes for more entertainment and fun. Create a custom-built backyard pool that is lagoon-style and paired up with a relaxing spa by adding a jump-off ledge. 

We can create an aesthetically pleasing spa-inspired waterfall heated for all-seasonal comfort but includes a slide built into the rocks and extending out from the waterfall for the kid’s entertainment. 

To complete this dream backyard pool, you’ll need to add safe-depth jump-off perches, colored LED bubblers, and a “booming” sound system! 

#6: Outdoor shower zone

When people are done swimming in your luxurious pool, they’ll need to take a quick shower. When building an outdoor shower, many people tend to worry about privacy and drainage. 

We will make sure the shower is positioned so that nobody taking a shower can be seen from anywhere, including nearby windows. We can do this by enclosing the sides with lumber or masonry to construct solid walls that last. 

Your shower will need a drain. If you do not include a drain, there’s a possibility the water will get into the soil and plants, which may be vulnerable to the chemicals in the soap. If you do not already have a drain outdoors, we can install one easily by connecting it to the sewer system. 

#7: Island time

An infinity pool needs a built-in island to give simmers a spot to relax, set a refreshment or sunbathe. We highly recommend including an island in your new custom pool to create a more complex aesthetic to the backyard.

Your summertime should be spent with loved ones by a relaxing, refreshing custom-built pool. Whether you create a pool with valuable features, like a shower, or want to impress the grandkids by adding a jump-off perch, we’re here to help! Call us at 972-843-9893 to learn more about how we can help you with your custom upgrades.