6 Backyard Features for a Premier Custom Home

The perfect real estate property within the Dallas / Fort Worth area comes with a long wish list. When you think of a home in central Texas, what comes to mind? For us, it’s an ideal backyard to enjoy sunny days with family and friends. 

With this scratch-built list of 6 Backyard Features for Premier Custom Homes, you’ll be inspired to build your dream home into a reality: 

#1: Outdoor bar

Gone are the days (for now, anyway) of after-hour wine and tapas with friends, Sunday brunches at crowded hotel restaurants, and sports bars that are too loud to hear a thing! These favorite weekly outings are being replaced with a trendy, stay-at-home custom upgrade right in our client’s backyards. Outdoor bars have become a stylish addition to backyards, especially in Central Texas. 

This classy yet convenient alternative to hitting the town is not only a safe way to enjoy a cocktail, but it can also be fabulously fashioned into a functional full-service kitchen and entertainment space. 

#2: Swim up pool

Where do you call “Paradise?” For some, it’s escaping time in Los Cabos or wading the luminous aquamarine waters in the Maldives, but with a swim-up pool, the paradise experience can be brought home. Raise the “bar” by adding a custom-built swim-up pool for the most inclusive experience your friends have experienced yet! No tipping required! 

#3: Feel “warm and fuzzy” around the fire pit

A backyard is not complete without the warmth of a firepit. Naturally alluring, it’s the perfect feature to pass around smores and share stories of times of the past. Whether you’re looking for an old-world rustic or modern feel, choosing Atlas Custom Builders ensures you and your guests will feel right at home. 

#4: Take back BBQ Saturday

Grilling outdoors in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX is one of our favorite luxuries; hot dogs and hamburgers complete with charred gristle from the last meal are not. 

Preparing fresh ingredients indoors takes time away from family, especially if you’re watching the game on your outdoor patio TV together. Additionally, hauling food supplies to and from the kitchen is a major hassle, especially if you realize you’ve forgotten something halfway through cooking and need it urgently! Take back BBQ Saturdays with a custom-built grill center. 

#5: Cover up for more time outside

Adding covered seating, like a pergola or trellis, can provide a comfortable place to gather outdoors. Not only does it expand your living quarters, but it increases the amount of time you can spend outside. When oriented and designed correctly in your backyard, it can make even a day with Texas heat more enjoyable. 

#6: Bring the comforts of great outdoors home

Being outdoors reduces stress levels, making you feel more relaxed, but making the trip is not always convenient! An outdoor room could be the perfect addition to your new custom-built home if you’re looking for a fresh shart! Not only does it provide a place for relaxation, but it also serves as a place to entertain guests, fits any lifestyle, and comes with health benefits too. 

We want to help families build a customized home that will remain timeless for generations. We believe in strong and long-term relationships with homeowners and offer the most sophisticated construction service, even extending to your backyard.

Our team of professional architects and construction experts understand the intricate details to make a custom dream home. Whether it’s a paradise-inspired swim-up pool or a fabulously fashioned full-service kitchen, call us at 972-843-9893 to help you with any and all of your needs.