13 Features Your Rockwell Party-Ready Kitchen Needs

When cooking up a new custom kitchen in Rockwall, TX, the layout is, of course, the key to making a fun and functional space. But there are so many things to consider when designing your dream kitchen from scratch it can be hard to know where to start? 

Crafting up a well-designed kitchen starts with the homeowner’s vision board. 

Perhaps modern space with sunlight for a sweet Sunday setup with the gals? Built-in beverage cooler for hosting happy hours that sprawl to late-night-bites? Maybe decorative details and an island with more storage for fun-party-themed dishes?  

If you’re building a custom home in Dallas, you’re going to need some inspiration that brings life to your dreams (even some you might not know you needed). That’s why we’ve crafted a check-list of features you NEED for your party-ready kitchen: 

10 Features Your Party-Ready Kitchen Needs: 
#1 Functional Island:

Set your sails towards a functional island when planning your new custom home kitchen in Dallas. Think more surface area, storage, and seating for socialization with guests! 

#2 Double Enclosed Trash & Recycling

Not only do bins help save space, but they hide temptation from curious pets who want to help “take out the trash,” but end up knocking over bulky cans. 

#3 Gorgeous Lighting

Often, homeowners will mistake relying on one ceiling-mounted feature to light up their entire kitchen. However, adding a combination of light fixtures above, below, and inside cabinets, it can result in a beautifully illuminated kitchen that offers several mood-setting capabilities. 

#4: Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a popular choice for a kitchen, bathroom, or home wet bar. They’re stylish, easy to clean, and nearly indestructible. 

#5 Coffee Bar

Pumpkin spice latte? Vanilla flat? Americano? Mocha? No matter your flavor in this sometimes- steamy-beverage, adding a coffee bar to your dream kitchen adds convenience, style, and functionality to your daily lives. 

#6 Farmhouse Sink

Commonly known as an “apron front sink,” farmhouse sinks make a great focal point in any kitchen. They’re deep and large enough to store large items, like crock pots, and sit low enough for a shorter person to reach the sink with ease. No mini-step stool needed! 

#7 Streamlined layout

One of the biggest things you shouldn’t avoid when building a custom home kitchen is the layout. A properly planned design will impact your overall happiness of the space more than any other element. 

Think about the primary tasks of the kitchen, store food, cook food and wash up after eating the food. Your sink, refrigerator, and cooktop should form a “work triangle” to keep things running efficiently during your “cooking workflow” while minimizing traffic jams (especially during large gatherings). 

#8 Brick Pizza Oven

There’s nothing better than homemade, late-night pizza with friends. The fresh dough, the smoky flavor, the warm cheese; nothing competes. You can make your pizza however you want with a brick pizza oven, and if you pick out a larger one, you can cook multiple dishes at once. 

#9 Double-Sided Grill

What’s cooking, good-looking? Hopefully, it’s eggs, pancakes, and all the bacon you can eat on a double-sided griddle! Adding this feature gives you the freedom to make several different types of food on one surface front. 

#10 Built-In Butcher Blocks

Wooden butcher blocks elevate kitchens in a variety of ways:

  1. Unlike granite countertops, wood will not dull your knives.
  2. Dishes are unlikely to shatter on wooden surfaces if dropped.
  3. Clear up counter space by eliminating the need for a cutting board. 
#11 Storage for Cooking Utensils

If your kitchen is your favorite place to host parties, you might have an abundance of cooking utensils to serve up meals (and fun!) Request custom-made storage space designated for storing whisks, spatulas, tongs, and other cooking essentials. 

#12 Built-In Ice Trough

Don’t you hate it when the ice maker built into the refrigerator runs out of ice? Save yourself a trip to the gas station by installing a built-in ice trough. 

It offers easy access to guests, and you will be able to enjoy your time mingling rather than refilling ice buckets for the cooler every few hours. 

#13 Wine Refrigerator 

Do you prefer a nice red or white blend? A wine refrigerator located right in the kitchen is a wine-lovers paradise. Investing in this mini-nook will keep bottles cold and ready to serve. 

In conclusion, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your custom home kitchen in Dallas, Texas. As a popular hub in the home, it’s understandable to spend extra time and attention on these details. Here at Atlas Custom Builders, we have the expertise, resources, and experience to build your lifelong dream home to any taste. Please get in touch with us today at 972-843-9893 to discuss your new home!