10 Life-Changing Dallas Custom Home Upgrades

Have you been flipping past home-improvement shows and been in awe of the custom home upgrades that grace the homes that are being built or remodeled? Starting your dream list of custom home upgrades that you could add to your home one day? 

Everyone dreams of making improvements to their home that will indeed be life-changing. And some can do that for you. But which ones are worth taking the financial and all-important time plunge? We are here to give you our list of the top 10 life-changing Dallas custom home upgrades. 

#1 Large Sinks 

If you have ever tried to do dishes in a smaller sink, you know why this is on our list. Large sinks are one of the best things ever invented for the kitchen. Do dishes better and more efficiently than ever. And have the option of utilizing a single bowl sink versus a double bowl so that you can fit even larger pots and dishes. 

#2 Under Counter Microwave

Stop giving up valuable real estate in the kitchen. An under-the-counter microwave will give you loads of room for prepping dishes and updating the counters with stylish decor. 

#3 Soft closing drawers and cabinets

If you have kids running around your home, may know the terrors of a finger smash! Simple solution? Soft-closing drawers and cabinets will save your sanity, and a few fingers are slammed along the way. Also, when drawers and cabinets are closed more softly and gently, it minimizes the stress on the hinges and slides, extending their life. 

#4 Beverage Bar

If you have a favorite go-to beverage that you make at home, why haven’t you designated space for it yet? In a custom home in Dallas, we can help you do so! It may be life-changing. 

What tools do you need to whip up your favorite drink? Let’s build something aesthetically pleasing but also functional when you’re ready to ship! 

High tech beverage bar with wine coolers in custom home.

#5 Laundry Room INSIDE master closet

Are you sick and tired of laundry being loads of work? Us to! That’s why we’re recommending every new homeowner do something that just makes a bit more sense. Let’s put your laundry room INSIDE the master closet. When the washroom is tucked away, it makes it easier for everyone. You can simplify your life by keeping everything in one place by doing laundry in the master closet. Laundry is hard enough, so this is a life-changing upgrade for us. 

#6 Double island in the kitchen

Why have a single island when you can have a double island? It’s your kitchen; you can customize it how you like. 

 Whether you are looking to add this for more counter space or to a separate area in a large kitchen, it can add to the functionality of your room. Islands can even be made with cabinets underneath to add to your storage space which is always a significant upgrade. 

#7 Technical upgrades 

“There’s an app for that!” Everything can practically be controlled in your home with an app now. No more trying to remember if you closed that garage door after you get to work, your app can check for you, and you can close it right from your desk.

 Sprinkler systems can be controlled with apps, so your grass will be the greenest on the block because your watering will always be on schedule. And don’t forget about doorbells, long gone are the days where you look out the window, now you are alerted on your phone when someone arrives. This way, you can see who is at your doorstep no matter where you are in the country. 

#8 Hide Pesky Wires and Outlets

How aggravating is it to spend hours and hours to make a home in Dallas everything that you’ve ever wanted, then to have cords and wires poking out with no solution in sight? Luckily, when we build custom upgrades, you can let us take care of this by including hidden wire outlets! 

#9 Dual Sinks in the Master Bedroom

Sharing sinks with your bathroom mate can cause you to lose a lot of your precious time. Trying to take turns getting ready is not something that anyone enjoys. And it can really cut down on your storage space as well. Making the upgrade to dual sinks is life-changing for both your bathroom habits and your family relationships as well. 

#10 Upgrade Your Home Today

Upgrading your home can be a rewarding and exciting experience. It can make your life so much easier, and with busy lives, we all could use that. Atlas custom home builders are here to help you every step of the way to customize your home into the home of your dreams. Give us a call today to start your home’s custom upgrades,(972) 846-8238 or contact us online. Not sure what upgrade to choose from? We can help guide you through the process of finding the perfect upgrade that will help ease life for you and your family.